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[About Us]


In line with its mandate, GBR comprises of targeted groups according to age, gender, professions and callings. The Future Leaders Department, which is the youth wing of GBR focuses on the development of young people from different walks of life so as to ensure they realise their purpose. Accordingly, we host a series of targeted events aimed at knowledge and information sharing, mentorship opportunities, cross-pollination of ideas across the different countries. GBR Future Leaders includes young professionals, young entrepreneurs, pathfinders and student chapters, all of whom we view are necessary catalysts for the development of society.

[ About Us ]

For the 2019 edition, the Global Business Roundtable Future Leaders Department seeks engage young people, governments, the private sector and all stakeholders on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). To this end, the Global Business Roundtable Future Leaders will host the 8th Annual Future Leaders Summit in the Kingdom of Eswatini, under the theme “Building Sustainable Economies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” on 29 June 2019 at the Royal Swazi Convention Centre.

The main objectives will be as follows:

  1. Creating awareness and capacity building among young people so they can better position themselves for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  2. Work with governments and the private sector to identify high priority or profitable investment areas for collaboration.
  3. Provide a platform for young people to network and share information, skills and collaborate on various projects.
  4. Provide a platform for the identification of global and regional markets that young people can take advantage of.


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[ Frequently Ask Questions ]

What is Future Leaders about?

Future Leaders is about the development of young people from different walks of life so as to ensure they realise their purpose.

Future Leaders is about the belief that young people are the agents of change that are needed for the development of society and must therefore be equipped to take up their position in the world.

Why did the FL Team decide on Innovative Entrepreneurship?

Every year a country is chosen to host the Summit and requested to provide a theme of focus which must have national and global relevance. The reason we host Summits in different nations every year is to reach the young people we would have not ordinarily reached and capacitate them for the betterment of their nation whilst simultaneously sensitizing them to the mandate of GBR and GFFJ. GBR FL Eswatini chose this topic as an area of growth for young people in line with what they want to see in their nation but also globally.

Expand on Innovative Entrepreneurship and what it would mean for a young entrepreneur?

This topic is about bringing numerous components together that are quite pertinent for the world we live in. The facts are:

Entrepreneurship is at the forefront of economic growth,

The world is young,

Young people are surrounded by a myriad of challenges such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy amongst others.

In light of the above, the topic stems from the point that entrepreneurship must meet the current status of the globe. There are more young people in the world than ever before, this creates an unprecedented potential for economic and social progress. In this case, entrepreneurship cannot be separated from innovation because an entrepreneur must always create a product that will add value to its user.

Innovative Entrepreneurship means that the entrepreneur must always find ways to produce new ideas, provide better solutions and pioneer new products to meet the current global status which is what the Summit aims to achieve and what better country to do it other than Kenya.

Kenya has been viewed as a cradle of technological innovation housing the third largest technological hubs in the continent. It has also been ranked as the most innovative country in Africa hence this will be an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to learn from innovators in Kenya.

In addition to this, innovators from other countries will also speak on innovation in different sectors thus creating a hub for information exchange for young entrepreneurs to learn.

What can people expect for the Youth Summit?

A Programme that is founded on holistic development for all young people including young professionals, young entrepreneurs, young pathfinders and students.

Speakers that are experts in their fields from different parts of the globe

Networking opportunities with counterparts from different nations and make connections with like-minded people

An opportunity to interact with captains of industries from various nations

An opportunity for young people to strategise on how to implement what they have learnt in their nations at various levels

An opportunity to travel to a new nation and enjoy a new experience which will expand their outlook

What opportunities are there for Entrepreneurs /SMEs?

For the first time this year, the Youth Summit will have exhibition stands where young people will be able to showcase their businesses and possibly make partnerships.